Nancy Julian PHOENIX, AZ
I have lived in this neighborhood for 50 years, have seen my children and their friends coming to the neighborhood to live because of its family oriented lifestyle and wonderful schools , to commercialize a portion to the detriment of many is unacceptable, Taliesin West is where Frank Lloyd Wright history and story belongs

Kimberly Schrader PHOENIX, AZ
As a current home owner who grew up in the area, I am opposed to the commercialization efforts disguised in this preservation project. 

Maureen Cohodas PHOENIX, AZ
I am signing because the developer Z. Rawlings has mislead the neighbors regarding the size and commercial scope, bulldozed family homes to make way for an Events Center while doing little to restore the actual DLW home other than ripping down an extricate design feature, the reflecting pool and curved wall? Does not sound like restoration to me

Patricia Kemnitz PHOENIX, AZ
This is a beautiful well established neighborhood of friends, families, with a strong community, not suitable for commercial development and all that comes with that! 

Douglas Hamaker PHOENIX, AZ
I hope this is a joke. There is no reason to ever put a business like this in a Neighborhood. Why would you even think of putting it there? So people can leave there after drinking and drive through and take the chance of hitting someone. This neighborhood Is One Of The Few Left That People Still Go For WALKS, Running, Bike Rides With Their Kids As A FAMILY AND YOU Are Thinking Of Putting People That Will Be Drinking IN It. No put your business somewhere else no thanks. This is not the place for that business.

Love the house haven’t been in it since 76

I grew up in arcadia...and I care 

Scott Pearson PHOENIX, AZ
This is no place for this concept! He is ruining one of the greatest neighborhoods

In the country with this idea! Besides would you want to be his neighbor! No you would not! It's ludicrous! 

Janet Vasselin PHOENIX, AZ
My parents live 2 blocks from this proposal and enjoy their peace and quiet above all else. 

Carrie Valentino SCOTTSDALE, AZ
It's just wrong! That is a residential area. 

Susan Bridges Loyd PHOENIX, AZ
This a wonderful neighborhood, for families and children to grow we don't need this and the people don't want it. This is what we get when we don't do enough research on the people who get elected. Someone has money exchanging hands? I'm just thinking something is not right! 

Carol Williams POENIX, AZ
I don't want in my neighborhood.

Lisa Montgomery MESA, AZ
Because Arcadia has ROCKED since I was born in 1963!!!

Wayne Colaric SCOTTSDALE, AZ
Arcadia has historical significance as a quiet, residential area grown from within the early citrus groves. Allowing commercial enterprises in the neighborhood destroys the family friendly peace we enjoy. Property values will also be impacted. It’s amazing Phoenix would even consider commercializing our neighborhood Please do not allow this to happen!!

Jim Edwards PHOENIX, AZ
Arcadia is the finest neighborhood in the metro Phoenix area. It is a family-oriented, quiet and beautiful district made up of people who care deeply about our community. Part of what makes Arcadia special is that is has been a safe place for raising kids, walking dogs, riding bikes and living life. People move here--and stay here--for that lifestyle. Bringing a circus into our neighborhood will destroy that forever. The Rawlings project is not good for any of us. It will disrupt our community, increase traffic and congestion and lower our property values. We must come together and put a stop this madness. The Rawlings project does not preserve the past--it destroys the future! Jim Edwards--Arcadia resident

Monica Baker  FLAGSTAFF, AZ
I grew up in the neighborhood, my family is still there. It needs to be kept as the family neighborhood it is and not be commercialized 

Joanna Peters PHOENIX, AZ
I feel that Mr. Rawling is disingenuous, and that he is attempting to push through zoning that is inappropriate for financial gain. This would be in line with what zoning attorneys like Mr. Rawling might do, but neighbors understand that this is WRONG for Arcadia. This had nothing to do with FLW. This is the WRONG use for the area.

Kathleen Julian PHOENIX, AZ
Quiet residential areas are becoming fewer and further between, due to greed masqueraded as business. There's no reason to create such a large business in a residential area.

Keri Miller SHERIDAN, WY
My beautiful grandparents and cousins live in this neighborhood where I have visited multiple times. I loved the tranquility there despite being in a sprawling city. This would ruin that feeling and family centered neighborhood

Nancy Julian PHOENIX, AZ
I have lived in this neighborhood for 50 years, have seen my children and their friends coming to the neighborhood to live because of its family oriented lifestyle and wonderful schools, to commercialize a portion to the detriment of many is unacceptable, Taliesin West is where Frank Lloyd Wright history and story belong.

Deborah Jeffery SCOTTSDALE, AZ
I was a Realtor in Arcadia for 25 years. This will severely impact our neighborhood negatively and there will be no turning back.

Nazli Uludere TEMPE, AZ
Let us preserve the character of older residential neighborhoods. This type of development can create a domino effect.

Craig Steblay PHOENIX, AZ
I relocated my family to Arcadia in 1986. We moved here for the quiet serenity. Having a "Graceland" type of event venue so close will destroy the peacefulness we enjoy and love.

James Furcini PHOENIX, AZ
In what distorted reality does the wish to preserve a 65 year old 2200 square foot architectural oddity spawn the stillborn concept of creating yet another homage to the great Frank Lloyd Wright? A FLW "Graceland" replete with amenities befitting the grandest of tourist attractions right smack dab in the middle of the finest residential neighborhood that Arizona has to offer.

I cannot find the words,  that is why I am in the opposition.

I don't want it, we don't need it and it will bring nothing good to this community that we don't already have.

Shawn Tobin PHOENIX, AZ
I am signing because I have lived in the Arcadia neighborhood for almost 24 years and don't want to see its character changed dramatically by this clearly commercial use.

Dorothey Haro PHOENIX, AZ
Arcadia is a lovely residential neighborhood and should not have a commercial use building that will ruin the tranquility of it.

I was a resident of Arcadia for 40 years and feel the proposals being advanced by Zac Rawling are very much out of character with the neighborhood and cause significant harm to the preservation of the life style of the present nearby neighbors.

Gail Andrews PHOENIX, AZ
I'm concerned this development will forever change the face of our beloved neighborhood and will put children, pets and recreating neighbors walking, biking and jogging in danger.  It will surly open the door to additional future commercial development...neighbors beware!!

Tanner Heimbuck PHOENIX, AZ
This is an outrageous act he isn't thinking about the community

I want Arcadia to stay a quiet, peaceful community. Just as it's always been. We need to keep nice communities free from the rat race that threatens to destroy all communities. Keep it as is.

Victoria Janzen PHOENIX, AZ
I do not want to see this change occur in my neighborhood.

Marci Zimmerman PHOENIX, AZ
This is a money grubbing exploitation of a community treasure and neighborhood

Shawn Bellamak PHOENIX, AZ
I am against this.

Carole Crawford SCOTTSDALE, AZ
The Wright home was meant to be a home--not a commercial property. Move it if the misguided current owner wishes to develop it for other purposes. But don't destroy Arcadia, one of the most beautiful and peaceful neighborhoods within the urban core. As a former resident of Arcadia, I cringe at the very idea! And to compare the low usage Shemer Center with the Wright property is absurd.

Brian Eastwood PHOENIX, AZ
Was so pleased that this home was saved because too many historical properties are lost in our city. This plan is over the top and unnecessary. Allowing commercialization is one thing - the Foundation should be preserving the beauty and intent of the property, opening its doors to the community for tours and education as so many other homes have throughout the Nation, preserving the history of the home and its grounds.

Robin Macy NEW YORK, NY
Arcadia is losing its neighborhood charm.

I grew up in the Arcadia district. This neighborhood is quiet, with families, schools, wide streets for biking and kids. This is a joke to allow any commercial building of this magnitude

Sherry Wyllie PHOENIX, AZ
I sure wouldn't want my peace disturbed

Stephanie Tatum KAMUELA, HI
I used to live in the Arcadia area and because it is a HISTORIC residential neighborhood ... there should be NO commercial permits and /or NO non-residential use permits allowed in this beautiful quiet respectfully thought our area

Elisabet Hannafin PHOENIX, AZ
Such a project will have a huge negative impact on the residents of Arcadia. This is not what Frank Lloyd Wright intended when he built this home for his family. This project will significantly reduce property costs for every home in the neighborhood.

Jason Baker PHOENIX, AZ
Developments designed with no regard to surrounding property owners, must stop.

Eric Lussier PHOENIX, AZ
too many projects are being built into good phoenix area neighborhoods without the immediate neighborhood residence having a say, no matter what the intended use of a property the surrounding homeowners should always be given a chance to have a say and the city needs to start listening to the residence not the sound of $$

Jon Schmieder PHOENIX, AZ
Infill projects are ruining our historic neighborhoods and the City staff nor do our elected officials care.

Patricia Powell BRECKENRIDGE, CO
This type development should not be allowed. It will detract from the existing neighborhood and reduce property values.

Wesley McDowell LOS ANGELES, CA
He doesn't understand the impact of his choices on the community, and is only thinking of himself.

Raymon Shepherd PHOENIX, AZ
I feel he has bastardize the architecture of the David and Gladys Wright home. Karma is gonna be calling

Jennifer Henry SCOTTSDALE, AZ
support to keep Arcadia a residential neighborhood and to deny th David and Gladys Wright House Foundation non-residential use

Anne Biermann PHOENIX, AZ
This is a residential neighborhood and must stay that way.

Suzanne Perry PHOENIX, AZ
It's kind of going overboard with the described use.

Cathy Massimi SCOTTSDALE, AZ
I live in the neighborhood and want to keep it residential. 

Beth Goldstein PHOENIX, AZ
Preserving the residential area of Arcadia is important. There will be no way to change things after this happens. It will already be too late. It is wonderful that the Wright house and history were saved, but the plan to turn the area into a commercial center is not the answer to whatever problems remain.

Cheri Dersam PHOENIX, AZ
I can't believe the exploitation of this historic property and the selfish greed of the owner.

Debbie Nelson PHOENIX, AZ
I do not want the Wright House developed into a commercial setting.


Richard Dixon PHOENIX, AZ
Because this facility doesn't belong in our neighborhood!!
This is obviously a big commercial enterprise despite what they say! Very deceptive people!!

We need to preserve Arcadia.

This house should be a residence not a venue.

Tim McGillicuddy PHOENIX, AZ
We love the beautiful landscape that Zach has completed, the Wright house looks better than ever and Frank Lloyd Wright would be thrilled. But there's a clear distinction between restoring an historic Arcadia home, (like most of us have done) and developing a commercial property. We live less than 600 ft from the property, and object to the planned commercial use. I'm sure Mr. Rawling understands, as he himself has chosen to live several blocks south of the property, instead of living in one of the three adjacent homes he bought and tore down, which in itself seems like a reckless waste. (two of those homes were newer construction).

Gwen Anastassatos SCOTTDALE, AZ
This is where we live, this not a commercial area!!

Michael Koslow PHOENIX, AZ

I oppose any commercial development in our residential area.

Lauren Fisher NEWTON, MA
Arcadia has a long history as a safe, residential, family friendly neighborhood. Any non-residential use of the property at 4505 N Rubicon Ave would significantly change the character of the neighborhood and create unsafe traffic patterns. This is a neighborhood where kids ride bikes and play afterschool and the development of this property as a commercial venue would be a safety hazard.

I will reconsider buying in Arcadia if allowed. It is a historical FAMILY neighborhood. One of the few left in America where kids are safe to roam, bike and play without getting run over by an intoxicated patron leaving a party. There is plenty of commercial space available without encroaching on a perfect slice of Americana.

Is every soul in America up for sale these days? What if this is where your kids and future generation live? Would you want it down your street? I think not!

Sandra McGee PHOENIX, AZ
I'm signing because I oppose this commercial development in Arcadia.

Celesta Rowland PHOENIX, AZ
This is a residential neighborhood with a grade school, lots of children activity, people walking dogs, riding bikes and it needs to be protected from commercial infringement - Please!

Susan Rhuart PHOENIX, AZ
We are a residential neighborhood and need to remain so.

Marvin Borsand SCOTTSDALE, AZ
Arcadia is not for commercial for profit of nonprofit it is a residential neighborhood

David Dodge PHOENIX, AZ
We tried to accommodate a commercial use in our community years ago when we agreed to allow a couple from Los Angeles to operate a bed and breakfast at the corner of Camelback and Arcadia Drive, just across the street from the Shemer. The result was a disaster...noise, weddings, parking on the street, and all justified by the owners because it was "required" in order to have ends meet and to "repay" their investment. These kind of uses in Arcadia simply don't work, and never will work. And most importantly, they are in direct contravention to the Special Planning District considerations we worked so hard to establish years ago.

Robert Bailey PHOENIX, AZ
I am against the commercialization of the Arcadia residential neighborhood. Using the David and Gladys Wright House (which was not designed nor built by Frank Lloyd Wright) as a ruse to operate a busy, commercial development right in the midst of Arcadia is wrong and must be stopped from ruining our neighborhood,

I think it's important to keep the neighborhood feel in Arcadia and feel it would bring too much traffic to the area.

Tim Cowdrey PHOENIX, AZ
I have spent my life living in the Arcadia neighborhood. It is a neighborhood for families not business.

Megan Stultz PHOENIX, AZ
I live in Arcadia currently and plan on staying due to this great residential area.

Leslie Goodwin PHOENIX, AZ
Please do not let Mr. Rawling's folly continue any longer. This is unfair to the residents of Arcadia and unsafe for our children to have a facility of this size and scale located within our residential community. The David and Gladys Wright House Foundation is disingenuous at best and at worst it is blatantly exploiting the Frank Lloyd Wright name and legacy by trying to commercialize a residence in a residential neighborhood. Phoenix needs all of the historic preservation we can get but this is grossly inappropriate in our neighborhood. It seems like the City Council needs to establish what really matters. Is it respecting the wishes of the community and taxpayers? Or is it more important that an out-of-state developer gets his way? This would establish a horrible precedent and would devastate this community of families. Please show Mr. Rawling that our voices matter -- do not let him ruin our neighborhood.

Degler Davies PHOENIX, AZ
I am strongly against this concept!

Nicole Lebel PHOENIX, AZ
It's a neighborhood, not a commercial property

I am opposed to any non-residential use of the property. Preserve the architecture - but DO not turn this into a commercial site

Somehow I already signed and it was not posted that this is a residential area and there not be any business properties

Patricia Koslow PHOENIX, AZ
I am signing this petition, because there is no good reason for a commercial property to be developed right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Those of us who live here, bought here, not for someone who lives out of state to come in and ruin the vibe of OUR community under the pretense of preserving 1 home out of thousands. With all of his money, if preservation is his true motive, let Mr. Rawling move the home and let him put it in his own backyard and develop whatever he wants!

Jennifer Eschbacher PHOENIX, AZ
The proposed development will affect more of arcadia than just the immediate surrounding homes. There will be increased traffic throughout the neighboring streets, increased noise, increased litter, and increased risk of pedestrian and child fatalities from the traffic. This is an old Phoenix established family neighborhood. My grandparents bought property off Jokake in the 1950's, built a ranch style house and raised a family, just as thousands of people have done since. To think that someone wants to disrupt this community for a commercial development is just outrageous. Not only will the proposed development disrupt thousands of people's lives, it will likely drive down property values. This is a quiet well-kept community where people LIVE. If this plan is approved, it will be a travesty to the neighborhood of Arcadia and, ultimately, to Phoenix as a whole... because if the city council will approve this plan, than no neighborhood is safe.

Tracy Wadas PHOENIX, AZ
Everyone in Phoenix should be paying attention!! There is currently no Historical Designation of any kind on the house and the Developer is moving forward without any permits or zoning provisions. The Developer has demolished 3 residential homes to build an Event Venue. If the city allows this project, everyone should realize it could happen next door to them as well!!

Luis Argueso PHOENIX, AZ
Do not commercial entity on Arcadia
Move the house next to Mr. Passarelli house since he likes it so much.

Jason Parks PHOENIX, AZ
this absolutely affects our neighborhood. The owner of this property is an opportunist and does not plan to live in this area. What makes this area attractive is the neighborhood itself. The City Council must stop this nonsense.

William Elsner PHOENIX, AZ
This neighborhood has always been a great place for walking and bicycling. Added traffic will take that away. Let's keep Arcadia whole as the tight knit neighborhood that it is. Let's not let greed take over our neighborhood.

We don't need a bar next to our grade school!

Charles Duff PHOENIX, AZ
I am concerned about the commercial use of a residentially zoned property in the middle of our quiet neighborhood. I am worried about the traffic, noise, and parking problems associated with this non-conforming use of the property.

Dorie Duff PHOENIX, AZ
I am another Residence Impacted if this assault on our residential neighborhood is allowed to persist. We simply want to preserve what exists and has existed in Arcadia for decades - residential zoning!

my friend is being effect by this ...

Deborah Wyckoff PHOENIX, AZ
This project is everything that Frank Lloyd Wright is against. His three great granddaughters sold the house without stipulation as they didn't want to lose any money on the deal. This brings nothing positive to the neighborhood I have lived in for 50 years.


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