Arcadia Community Association

Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Councilman, stands with our neighborhood. He says "NO" to commercialization.

Opening Arcadia up to this level of commercial activity will change not only Exeter, but the character of Arcadia entirely. If the Phoenix City Council agrees that this one homeowner can open his house up to commercialization then how will you know that one of the homes on your street won’t be next?  To learn how you can help STOP THE MADNESS, contact Mayor Stanton, Sal Diciccio, and help GET THE WORD OUT!!! 

This is happening! 

We need to stand together as neighbors and

stop this! 

The City of Phoenix is giving Rawling the green light on everything he's doing!  THE CITY OF PHOENIX PAID  POLICE OFFICERS TO GUARD THE DAVID AND GLADYS WRIGHT HOUSE 24 HOURS A DAY FOR 7 WEEKS WHILE OUR HOMES WERE BEING ROBBED!  Mr. Rawlings continues to have public events at the residence in an effort to normalize his future plans as a tourist and venue destination! City officials, Don't destroy a community to save one house. 

While the neighborhood ponders the merits of the Developers dreams for the David and Gladys Wright House, I think we should all consider the old adage "Don't take candy from a stranger". Why not? Its free, sweet and has value?......  Is the candy ever worth what the stranger wants in return?  If we forget that lesson it could change this community like never before. 

What kind of Philanthropy provides armed off duty Phoenix Policemen at the Church of Christ parking lot for an all neighborhood invited Easter Egg Roll?  

Mr. Rawlings wants to give us something  beautiful and free and worth millions. Sound familiar? Doesn't  it make you wonder what he wants in return? 


Here are the permits that were issued for the demolitions:


Rawling's Development Plans

Las Vegas Attorney, Zachary Rawling, is currently trying to push through a commercial development project in the residential neighborhood of Arcadia, under the guise of a non-profit entity preserving the home of David & Gladys Wright.

The Delaware LLC has purchased an additional 3 properties adjacent to the home.  All 4 properties totaling over $10 million (4 RE-35 properties), is an effort to gain land mass for a full scale Event Venue, which includes an Outdoor Amphitheater, Underground Event Facility (25,000 sq.ft),  complete with Loading Areas, Meeting Centers,  Cafe & Wine Bar, Public Restrooms and a Pool, all created to bring thousands and even hundreds of thousands to the neighborhood streets of Arcadia.