Arcadia Community Association

November 24, 2015

Dear Archway Veritas Families,

The Boards of Archway Veritas and Veritas Prep held their regularly scheduled meetings on Thursday, November 19. During their meetings, they each discussed the parking agreement that Great Hearts Arizona entered with the David Wright House. Great Hearts, as the owner of the 56th Street Quayle campus, signed an agreement with the David Wright House; however, as the lessees of the property, Veritas Prep and Archway Veritas would need to enter into an additional agreement with the David Wright House if the schools actually want to allow overflow parking on their respective campuses. Only if the schools consent to such an agreement would the Wright House be able to use the school parking lot for overflow parking.

As of this writing, the David Wright House has not approached either school about a parking agreement.  After each Boards’ discussion last Thursday, both Boards expressed that they were not interested in entering into the parking agreement that had been signed by Great Hearts and neither Board took any further action on the matter.  Should the David Wright House approach either school about a separate parking agreement in the future, the two school boards will take up the issue at their next regularly scheduled board meeting.

In partnership,

Mary Frances Jeffries, Ed.D, Headmaster

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The Sound of Silence

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Jordan Rose -

Thanks for Coming to the meeting!

When you get home tonight...PLEASE

Please address an email to Mayor Stanton, City Council, and Staff Members.  Let them know you strongly oppose the commercialization of the Wright House
Tell them to adopt HP (Historic Preservation) not HP-L (Landmark) Zoning as only reason for HP-L is to commercialize site with bar, concert venue, 24K underground meeting space, overnight stays, etc.
Email to the Arcadia Community Association (ACA) at:

We will forward to Mayor Stanton, all City Council members and Zoning and HP Staff for you. This allows ACA to get an accurate count of how many letters in opposition to the HP-L are sent into the City.  It also keeps your email addresses private so they do not become public record.  


Here are two examples!  Please write as much or little as you like.   Email instructions listed above. 

Aizona Central

Paul Barnes, AZ I See It 3:16 p.m. MST October 2, 2015

My Turn: Preservation is one thing. Using the David and Gladys Wright House for commercial purposes is a whole other animal 

As someone who has dedicated much of his life to preserving Phoenix neighborhoods, and fending off inappropriate uses, I feel compelled to respond to your recent editorial about the David and Gladys Wright House in Arcadia ("No Wright House deed goes unpunished," Sept. 28.)

To do so, allow me to utilize the phrase “gerrymandering.” In politics most people know this as the attempt to draw bizarre legislative or congressional lines to rope in certain voters to ensure an incumbent politician will be protected at election time. It’s a racket, by politicians for politicians.

What does that have to do with the Wright House?

The developer behind it is wrongfully attempting to convince the City of Phoenix that not just the 2.4 acres where the home is located should be designated “historic,” but all of the land and homes he has subsequently purchased around it, and razed, should be included as well. This will allow the developer to do several inappropriate things.

The evidence for doing this is specious. Your editorial suggested guest quarters, which it incorrectly didn’t recognize as also being located on the original 2.4 acres where the home sits, somehow justifies giving another 4 acres of unrelated property the ability to conduct commercial activity.

But absent in this newspaper’s and the developer’s logic is this: the Wright property was never utilized for commercial weddings, concerts, a wine bar and other commercial uses as is now being proposed.

The developer wants the “historic” designation beyond the home itself to enable new commercial uses. I oppose this, as do the vast majority of Arcadia residents.

Anyone in Phoenix concerned about protecting neighborhoods should be concerned as well. If it can happen here, it will open the door for it happening in your neighborhood. Fortunately, the Phoenix City Council seems to get it because the only people there who have proffered an opinion to date have said preservation is good, but commercialization is not.

A good example of what can and should be our standard lies just a few miles away in Paradise Valley.

After Barry Goldwater passed away, there was a lot of discussion of what was to become of his home. Fortunately, it was purchased by a family who respected his legacy. Their renovation maintains the integrity and spirit of how Goldwater lived there.

They haven’t sought to commercialize the home, nor would Paradise Valley ever allow it. Certainly, they host charity, family, and political events - just as any homeowner may - but not once have they suggested holding commercial activities.

There’s a difference between generosity and opportunism. Arcadia would universally celebrate the preservation of this home if it stopped there.

Instead, this project has become an exercise in seeking unprecedented and inappropriate commercial development rights that no one reading this article would ever support if it were proposed next to their home. That it is being done in the name of a famous architect does not make it right.

Paul Barnes is a longtime Arcadia neighborhood activist.

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ACA Town Hall Meeting September 29th

Good Morning

I attended the neighborhood meeting regarding the Wright House on Rubicon at Ingleside Middle School on Tuesday evening.  After listening to the speakers I support the historical preservation of the Wright House for future generations to enjoy.  I do not support the special permit or liquor license being granted to the Wright House.  Arcadia is a tight knit, beautiful community that needs to remain residential so that future generations will want to buy into this well established and friendly neighborhood.  Please adopt

HP and NOT HP-L.


Jordan Rose, Peter Sperling, Sue Bloom, Mayor Stanton

Dear Mayor, City Council and Staff Members,

I live in the Arcadia area with my husband and two young children.  I am writing this email to inform you of my stance on the Frank Lloyd Wright House.  I am in favor of saving and preserving the FLW house.  I am strongly opposed to any public or commercial use for this property.  I am asking that you grant HP zoning but NOT HP-L zoning or any special permits for this property.  Our biggest concern is, although we are in favor of saving the house, we are adamantly against any commercial uses for the property.


ACA Letter to Great Hearts Board

November 13, 2015

Dear Community Members, 

I sincerely want to thank you for your attendance and participation at our town hall meeting yesterday evening. Your passion for this issue and our community was clear, and we appreciate the opportunity to receive additional information about the David Wright House and to answer your questions. We remain committed to this community and the education of its children.

The meeting last night was very helpful for me, and I trust you found it helpful, as well. We are working diligently on this issue and will keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, please know we are committed to finding a resolution. I look forward to continuing the conversation, so if you did not have the opportunity to raise a question, or if you would like to send more information, please email us at


Christine Jones
 Interim CEO, Great Hearts Academies

Wright House

 Wrong Location 

Who's side are you on Mayor Stanton?


November 8, 2015 

This email is being sent on behalf of the Arcadia Community Association. We are a group of very concerned Arcadia residents who would like to keep our neighbors informed of the status of the David and Gladys Wright house, located at the cross streets of Exeter Blvd, and Rubicon.  Many of you may be familiar with this project, and so you already know it is in the heart of our residential neighborhood.  For those of you who are not familiar with the project, here is a brief summary:

Mr. Zach Rawling purchased the home, which stood on 2.4 acres, in 2012.  His original intent was to Historically Preserve the home and provide a museum like atmosphere for the community and school children for educational purposes.  Unbeknownst to the Arcadia neighborhood, Mr. Rawling began purchasing land north and south of the Wright House and is now in possession of 6+ acres upon which he plans to build an amphitheater for live musical events, a 27,000 square foot underground facility containing a restaurant serving alcohol, as well as accommodations for overnight stays in the guest house and the main house.  Arcadia residents are in favor of Historical Preservation of the home.  What we are NOT in favor of is turning this into a commercial venue in a residential neighborhood.

Because Mr. Rawling faces a parking issue, for weekday evenings and weekend events, (obviously not for educational purposes) he has approached commercial businesses and churches within close proximity to the Wright house to rent their parking lots.  In support of the Arcadia neighborhood and its residents, they have all refused!  Unfortunately, Great Hearts Academy, does not endorse this same community outreach.  If they did, they would never have made the unilateral decision to enter into a 10 year agreement with Mr. Rawlings to rent the entire 250+ space parking lot out at the Veritas campus.  Multiple buses transporting people through our neighborhood will last well past 10pm.  Trucks dismantling event equipment will be traveling through our streets much later. Without proper parking available, Mr. Rawling will only be able to use the property for its initial intended use.

The neighbors of Arcadia support the Great Hearts Veritas Campus and value its place in the neighborhood.  All we ask is for the favor to be returned.  Please support us as well and not a single project developer.  It is hard to understand how the financial remuneration of an agreement with Mr. Rawling could outweigh the goodwill of the families and neighborhood who support you.

We are asking for the Board and its trustees to revisit this agreement and rescind Veritas’s lease with Mr. Rawling.

Thank you for your consideration, 

Sue Bloom   


Archway Veritas families tell Great Heart Board members they want their parking lot kept private and safe.  Great Hearts had no authority to lease out schools parking ....  Read more below